Jack Calloway

"One of Great Britain's premier purveyors of swinging syncopation" 
 - Jump, Jive & Swing

            Jack Calloway, was raised and educated in England - a country with ever-present influences in dance and syncopated music across Europe and the Atlantic. Unfortunately unable to study music, he began teaching himself the piano from the early age of 4. His references, were to the music he'd often hear on his grandparent's records, or even in the background of an MGM or RKO motion-picture. It was through this that he developed a passion and great admiration for the music and style of the 1920's, 1930's and early 1940's. 

            Spending considerable amounts of time with his aunt and grandmother, his adoration for movie musicals and old style comic acting (vaudeville) grew larger - resulting in his original aspirations to stray away from band leading (although the passion

for music was ever present) and to take unto the stage as an actor &

writer. A devotee to the theatric arts from a young age, he

dedicated himself to perfecting the golden works of comedy,

vaudeville and musicals and later taking a great liking to the

works of Noël Coward, Cole Porter and Oscar Wilde. 

            Upon completion of academics in 2013, he was now

a decorated actor with an additional education in film. 

For a short while he excelled in roles across the country

and had even been recognised, briefly, for his plays: 

'My Dear Charlie' and 'The Aristocrats'. However, other

emerging, more versatile talent began to take to the 

spotlight and he soon found himself struggling for any

acting work outside of voicing for the BBC. 

            No longer sought after for acting work, he returned to

music, once again, with an 'all or nothing at all' approach. Finding

himself in a venue which would become a regular haunt and the founding venue for his

future endeavours. The Old Duke in Bristol remains a place very close to Jack's heart and will always be known as the home of The Jack Calloway Dance Orchestras - it was here that on a Thursday afternoon in 2013, he made his first impression on the Old Duke staff after shyly asking if their in-house piano was playable. Months of regular visits and small lunchtime sets later and some of Bristol's accomplished musicians took note and asked his name and offered to play music with him. The Prohibition Jazz Band, his first ensemble, was founded in 2013 and a year later formed into the Empire Ballroom Orchestra - however Jack was not yet ready to take on his own dance orchestra and did not yet have enough recognition. After the EBO disbanded in 2014, he took to playing in several other bands, not as a bandleader. Playing anything but the jazz and swing he wanted to be playing. In 2015 he tried again - he and close confidante, Raphael Duphrense formed, the Jack Calloway Dance Band in 2015 with members: Federico Leonori, Roberto Nappi, Andy Allpass. Since then the JC fleet has doubled in size and have become household name across the country. 

"The limey is, indeed, a cracker-jack of a fine musician"
- Neil Siegal, 2019 
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Gus Dolding - Guitar/Banjo

Joseph Trudgeon - Guitar

Guillaume Ottaviani - Bass

Caitlin Callahan - Bass

Bill Frampton - Bass

Roberto Nappi - Drums

Mattia Collu - Drums

Paul Archibald - Drums

Jack Calloway

& His Jazz Hounds

Core Members

Jack Calloway - Bandleader

Matthew Hurst - Trumpet

Terry Williams - Trombone

Ben Abbots - Pianoforte

Gus Dolding - Banjo

Bill Frampton - Bass

Paul Archibald - Drums


Tom Whittingham - Trombone

Rich Colquhoun - Trumpet

Ron King - Trumpet

Michael Pilley - Trombone

Gustave Savvy - Baritone Saxophone

Jeremy Huggett - Tenor/Alto Saxophone

Graham Reed - Double Bass/Bass Saxophone

Richie Paradise - Drums

Known For

Core Members

Jack Calloway - Bandleader

Stuart Oliver - Guitar

Alex Bowers - Piano

Federico Leonori - Bass

Richie Paradise - Drums

The Jack Calloway Dance Band


Bristol, United Kingdom